Sunday, November 30, 2008

Digital Artwork Update

I have been busy with so many things I haven't had time to work on my own artwork except for jewelry for Spirited Curiosities, which I hope to open this week. I finally this holiday weekend got time to make some new artwork and have two other pieces half finished. I don't know where this creative burst came from but I am not going to fight it! The latest digital artwork to show:
Angel of Desolation
Angelic Purgatory
The statue in this picture can be purchased in PNG format. See my other blog for details.
Spiritual Plane One
The wings I painted in this image can be bought in a PNG format, no background, from my other blog. If you click on the images you will be taken to larger images of the artwork and prints will soon be available. I appreciate any comments!


Chris said...

Your artwork is stunningly beautiful... such a talented lady!!
Chris xx

June said...

Your artwork is exceptional.
Fabulous work
Keep on making art !! its lovely visit and see such talent
hugs June